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Glasshouse Mountains

Riding School

Riding Lessons

Kids Group Lessons;

Monday - Friday

3:45 pm

4:45 pm

6:00 pm


8 am

9 am

10 am

Adult Group Lessons



8:00am (1 hour)


8:00am (2 hour)

10:00am (1 hour)


6:00pm (1 hour)

Private Lessons;

Tuesday - Friday 

Limited time available

Shared Lessons;

Tuesday - Friday 

Limited time available

Set in the beautiful Glasshouse Mountains, on the Sunshine Coast, the Glasshouse Mountains Riding School offers personal and professional instructions for riders of all ages and abilities.

Our instructors offer quality horse riding instruction on a weekly or casual basis,  holiday camps, group and private lessons, all conducted by highly qualified and experienced instructors.

All our horses and ponies are safe and reliable.

In the Glasshouse Mountains Riding School the children just don’t learn how to ride, they learn how to be safe around horses with hands on experience. We teach horsemanship, sporting (games on horseback which is great for confidence, balance and fun), flatwork (how to ride) and jumping. We also have a trail ride once a term as part of our lesson plan. Students learn to untack and rug up their horses when finished.


Pony Club

For those riders who are wanting to go that step further we offer to hire the horses and ponies out to those who would like to join the local Pony Club. The horses are transported down to the Beerwah Sport Grounds with tack supplied and returned when the day is done, but you need to be having regular lessons to be able to go to pony club. Once you are a pony club member you are able to compete in any events hosted by the pony club association. The Glasshouse Mountains Riding School had 3 students compete at STATE level for Showjumping and were placed in the top 2 places. The riders competed on our horses. This is available only to regular students.

Our Philosophy

To really have riding lessons where you learn to ride, you need to understand the horse. At Glasshouse Mountains Riding School will teach every aspect of the horse, from preparation, riding, feeding and rugging. Building the bond between the rider and the horse is much more than the actual ride, that is why we believe it is so important to learn all aspects of our majestic equines. You learn how to listen to your horse, watching and feeling its body language and understanding what it means.


Group Sessions $60 per hour or $100 for two hours (three riders or more)


Private Lessons $70 half hour or $90 per hour (one on one)

Shared Lessons $70 per hour (two riders)

Weekly, fortnightly or casual lessons

We can supply helmet and boots, but if you are planning regular lessons it is suggested to purchase your own.

We accept payment through cash on the day or payment prior to your lesson via direct deposit (DD). 

All regular students with weekly/fortnightly lessons must prepay.


Direct deposit, MUST BE MADE PRIOR TO LESSON DATE. A print out receipt or screenshot must be presented or sent to instructor. 


Description needs to be lesson person first name and last name initial & date of lesson

Example – Poppy Short has his lesson on 23rd of July, DD reference would be Poppy S-23/08

 Please contact your instructor for band account details


CANCELLATIONS - please note we are a small business and these conditions have been put in place for us to continue our operation. Changes in lesson times are a big impact to loss of revenue and time to re-shuffle our lesson days along with weather impacts effecting our operations


PRIVATE LESSONS: Please note that cancellations are to be no less than 48hrs of your scheduled lesson will be subject to 50% cancellation fee.


SHARED LESSONS: Are discounted for the purpose of matching you up with someone and sharing all lesson attendance dates. Please note that all cancellations will be subject to 50% cancellation fee as we cannot fill your lesson spot last minute and shared lessons cannot run at half rate. It is also not fair for the other person to be forced to pay private rate. 


If you are going away for a period of time then you can cancel your regular spot and hope to fit in to an available spot on your return or do private lessons on return until a spot becomes available


If lessons are cancelled or rescheduled by us due to weather then a refund or credit for your next lesson will be offered. You are more than welcome to contact us or we will always get in contact with you if there is bad weather. If you do not hear from us, lessons will be going ahead as normal. Please keep in mind the weather is different at our property then what it is along the coast due to the Glasshouse Mountain.

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