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Learn to Ride


Glasshouse Mountains
Riding School

RIDING LESSON TIMES   -   Dressage/Jumping/Flatwork/Horsemanship/Sporting/Trail rides


Monday, Wednesday-Friday(group lesson)

3.45     4.45    5.45


Jumping lessons (private lesson)

Tuesday from 3pm

1/2hr private 

Saturday (group Lesson)

7.00am - 12.00pm

Saturday from 1pm (private Lesson)


Sunday from 9am (Private/Shared Lesson)

Wednesday from 8am (Private/Shared Lesson)

Friday from 8am (Private/Shared Lesson)


Private lessons available before school.

We can supply helmets and riding boots for a few session, then ask for you to purchase your own.


Payment for lesson is to  be made on day, ( we accept cash, bank transfer, credit card)



To be made prior to lesson, a screen shot to be sent to 0404497127

description needs to be (lesson person name) & (date of lesson)

Example - poppy short has lesson on 23 April reference would be


please contact your instructor for bank details.




We require 6 hours notice if you are unable to attend your lesson, this gives us enough time to reorganise the lessons.

Each horse is specially brought in for each rider, if rider doesn’t attend the horse has to stand at the rail for 3 hours. The lesson will need to still be paid for is you fail to notify us or just don’t turn up.

 If you don’t pay the missed lesson you  may loose you place.Thankyou for your understanding.


If you lessons is cancelled due to weather there will be no charge. We try to run lessons even if the weather is a little wet. 

We will make a post on our facebook page if we cancel.


While we love dogs please keep yours at home, we have resident dogs who may not be socialable


​Also a safety issue of strange dogs around our horses.


We run holiday activites every school holiday more details on the header tab


Group Lessons: $65 per hour per rider 

Shared lesson:   $77 per rider 1 hour (2-4 persons)

Weekly, Fortnightly or Casual (depending of available places)

Weekly/Fortnightly have priority for placement

Private Lessons:  $77 for half hour per rider

                        $88 for 45 mins per rider

Jumping/dressage private lessons available

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