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Overnight Adventure Camp

no overnights at the moment

Classes: Beginners, Confident

Did you ever want to have your own pony? This school holidays your dreams come true for a whole day (or two!)!

Join us for an epic adventure camp in the middle of the picturesque Glass House Mountains.

Experience real farm life and get your hands dirty caring for horses, chickens, pigs, goats, sheep and cuddle cute little baby bunnies.

Make new friends at our sleepover in the stables and join us for a relaxing trail ride through hills and paddocks.


  • Basic Horsemanship and Safety

  • How to catch and lead your horse

  • Grooming

  • Learn about Feeding and making feeds up (Pony Pizza)

  • Plaiting and Braiding Mane & Tail

  • How to put a Saddle & Bridle On

  • Trail Ride

  • Showjumping

  • Sporting Games

  • Bareback Riding

  • How to unsaddle your Horse

  • Washing the horses

  • How to Rug your Horse

BRING A FRIEND and share this adventure together!


  • Morning Tea,

  • Lunch,

  • closed in shoes,

  • sun hat.

  • Wear leggings or jeans.

  • mattress,

  • sleeping bag,

  • pillow.

We will supply dinner, meals for second/third day. We also Supply:

  • Ponies

  • Helmets

  • Boots

  • a safe environment

  • fun

Starts at 9 am and ends 3pm on the following day. Check out the current days here.

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