Wyann Libra..(Libby)

Libby is one of our original ponies from when we first started the Glasshouse Mountains Riding school 12 yrs ago. Libby is a big  favourite  for the smaller children doing riding lessons. Libby is 18 this year


Cindy is the best pony for when you start riding lessons, for our little riders.  Cindy was born on the farm and her mum is Libby (pony above)

Cindy is 9 yrs old.  She also gets dressed up on the weekends and does pony rides at birthday parties


Twilight has been in the Glasshouse Mountains Riding School for 10yrs, she is one of our older ponies of 18yrs old. Also another favourite for riding lessons on the Sunshine Coast.  She also gets dressed up and does birthday parties on the weekends, as one of the Sunshine Coast Party Ponies.  Twilight is 18yrs


Poppy, is a Quarter Horse, who used to have a reining career until he joined the Glasshouse Mountains Riding School in 2009. Poppy is our assessment horse when a new student comes to lessons for the first time. He will probably be the horse you will get to ride....


Alfie is one of our new riding school ponies. He is a Halflinger gelding 18 yrs old, he has spend time working in Brisbane with RDA.  He is very quiet and he is becoming on of the favourites..


Noddy is an ex race horse who raced under the name of Seven Soviergns. Noddy is an amazing horse, he is happy to let beginers ride in him but will also an experienced riders horse.  

Noddy Is used on the weekends at Showjumping Competitions jumping up to 1.10m


We also haven't forgotten our little riders. Freddie (white pony) and BamBam are the cutest ponies, our little riders just love to ride them...We call the "The Criminals" on the farm because they will do anything for food. If the feed shed is left open they have a party...and love going through rubbish bins..leaving a big mess. Because they are so small the roam all over the farm as the fences at high enough for them to slip under...but we love them

 These are just some of the riding school ponies and horses we have on the workshops we can cater up to 15 riders.

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